Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Just saying, is all."

I miss my husband. Just saying, is all. (wink)
Ok completely random thoughts that have ran through my head in the past...since I was born

*The day--well, life, really--never happens how you picture it in your head.
* is my new website fave!
*I really could watch the film Ever After three times in a row and still love it. I'm convinced of it. I've watched it twice in a row--so far so good.
*I have an easy time making a list in my head of all the things I want and need to buy. But I am very picky and like to take a long selection process when I actually spend my money.
*The lady who runs the consignment store is my new best friend--she honestly told me what she thought when discussing my clothes. And her assessment was bang on. A great arsonal weapon for any woman trying to figure out her sense of style.
*Sometimes I feel better about myself when I know someone is jealous of me. I want that to change.
*I can impact a lot of people just from inside my house
*Sometimes I eat food like a Hoover vacuum. Suck it all up and make a lot of noise.
*I wish Cory and Martha lived closer
*Adults make choices with their lives. We can't stop them. We can encouarage them, we can speak into their lives but at the end of the day, they make the choice. Consequence is a nasty tonic for friends who make bad choices.
*There is always enough time for what is a priority to me.
*Cash doesn't just talk--it makes people sing and dance.
*Sometimes I feel like Dorothy from the Golden Girls--a desire to be intolerably, sarcastically cruel to the dumb blonde "Rose" in the room.
*Sometimes life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you are going to get. And sometimes life is like a box of Ferrero Rocher: you know exactly what your getting. Same thing every time. First two are heavenly, the third you just have to have, the fourth one you feel is unnecessary but you justify. The fifth you say, "I've gone this far, why stop now." And the sixth is the one where you say,"How can I love and not like something at the same time especially when it is exactly the same piece of chocolate I have been eating time and time again." Life's like that sometimes. Addictingly normal and routine...and yet so frustratingly normal and routine.
Just saying, is all.


Peter said...

I think you have an amazing mind, Holly.
Did you know you can now by the iphone in Canada for use on ROGERS Wireless? "Just saying is all..." (grin)

Peter Williams said...


I started my blog up...

Check it out at:


Tamatha said...

Hey Holly...I have to agree with have an amazing mind!:o)

Holly said...

I love "ever After". My ALL TIME fav. I have a daughter who is now 10 1/2 and she OWNS this movie and LOVES it too!!! Yipie for girls and girl movies!

Brambleberry said...

Ever After is a personal favorite!

And your random thoughts were wonderful...and hilarious...and wise...great reading!

Amy said...

I like the last bit on the chocolate... lindors are my choice though- so heavenly. :)