Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So wanting some of Jamie Oliver's chocolate pots with Mars bars sauce!

It's the last day of my cleanse. For the past ten days I have drank only water and a concoction made out of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon. Oh, and let's not forget the morning drink of water and sea salt to flush the toxins out.
Well, now that I am so close to done, all I can think about is food. I'm dreaming of:
cheese smothered pasta (any kind)
crostini's caked with cream cheese and pesto
Ritva crackers with avocado and cheese
my grandmother's blueberry pie
my mother's food-all of it
Lucy H's cabbage rolls
my spring rolls
My bro in law's meatballs
My grandfather's oatmeal
Well-done Pancakes from the Hoito
My sister's cheesecake
My sister in law, Angela's, chili
My oatmeal bake
lemon loaf
saucy chicken with parmesan reggiano
Heather's cookies
Lois' anything--the woman can cook
Someone feed me!!!!!
The sad truth is that my stomach has shrunk and now I have to slowly and painstakingly re-itnroduce food to my body.
In four days from now I will be living! I will be thriving! Because I will be eating!

(pics from Jamie Oliver's website)


Heather said... I miss you creative meals! You will have to explain more about this cleanse for me, as my food issues aren't getting any better and this may help (at least worth a try).
Love ya and miss you like crazy!

Tamatha said... make me laugh...too funny lady!

Tamatha said...

Hey Holly!!! Please see my blog for a link for someone that I just know you will get along with!:o)