Tuesday, October 9, 2007

life in photos

Peter with his creation, "The distraught Grandmother." Granny has a pipe in her mouth, although it's hard to see.

Our table gourds.  Now a new tradition at my house. We decorate our gourds and then sit them in front of our plates. Mine is the second from the right "Opera Diva gourd" complete with gold earrings. Missie Moo's is the first one from the right. SuperGirl 's is the first one from the left. Izzy's are the two in the middle. A punk rocker and a nice girl. Hmmm...both descriptions could be said of our girl, Inez! Distraught grandmother was too distraught to come to this photo.

Seriously, this is my hair just before I went to a friend's for Turkey on Thanksgiving Sunday. Anyone who knows me well, knows that this is only another chapter in the saga known as "The Hair of My Life".Crazy, windy day.

I love hiking. So much to see.

Woke up early on Thanksgiving Sunday to watch the sunrise. Thank you God for morning!

Yes, that is snow on the ground. This weekend we hung out in Waterton with our cousin Darla. First day was kiaboshed since it snowed and no one had decent footwear except Darla. those girls from Montana...always thinking!Isn't it gorgeous here. This photo alone should convince you all to come visit me.

SuperGirl and her new buddy, Baby Pinkie Pie

A picture of Missie-Moo by our house.


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

What a fun day! Those gourds are hysterical!!

Happy Thanksgiving,


Holly said...

Love that pic of Bri

Tamatha said...

Really kewl pics Hols:o)