Sunday, September 30, 2007


All day Brie has been hurting herself. Typical toddler woes. A table in the way, a block that gets stepped on, a bonk on the head from the low lying counter.
Each time she gets an "owie" she runs to me saying , "Mommy, 'mooches." Which means "Mommy, kiss me better."
I was in the bathroom reaching for something when I hit my knee.
"Ow!" I screamed.
Brie came running from the other room. " 'Mooches, Mommy. 'Mooches." And then she lifted my hands off my knee and gave me a kiss.
And you know what? It did the trick.
I was all better.


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

OH how sweet!!

Tamatha said...

aaaaawwww......what a cutie!

Holly said...

Gotta love the little ones! ;o)