Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lovin' every minute of Jerry!

I'm back on line...insert scream of delight here. yeahhhhhhhh!
Anyway, as evidenced by the massive amounts of comments I can tell that my absence has profoundly effected many of you (that was sarcastic in case you were wondering). Anyway, I'm back and better than ever.
In the past few weeks I have:
-unpacked and painted a house
-lost my summer list
-watched a movie that has made me wish someone was talking to me about their saliva because I'm certain that would be way more interesting than the film I sat through
-made cherry stuff from all the ripe cherries in my yard
-captured a cricket
-found my summer list
-read the official sequel to Peter Pan. "Peter Pan in Scarlet" Bravo, I say.
-started to homeschool
-found out the reason why mosquitoes hum
-made plans to be in the mountains for turkey lurkey doo day
-learned to live without the internet.

Musings and spiritual thoughts headed your way soon...
In the meantime, back to organizing all that was unpacked and giving my sister a much needed phone call.


Jenny said...

so a few questions. what awful movie did you watch?
why do mosquitos hum?
and I noticed you're absence...I am just lame about posting comments. :) but you've inspired me, maybe I will actualyl update mine now. Love you!-Jen

Tamatha said...

Yay.....I am glad to see that you are back. Maybe I should be back too!lol