Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm not playing...well, I'm sorta not playing

Amy tagged me. And while I'm supposed to tag back or rather tag forward, it ends here. This tagging thing is dangerously close to email-forwarding , so I have to put my foot down and draw a boundary. It's like the stand I've taken against Facebook. I love blogging, I enjoy youtube and I'm okay with myspace but I just have no more time to devote to the computer. I'm not joining Facebook!
However, in the spirit of being tagged I will still list 7 things about myself.

1. I never learned to that is. I went through 6 years of music class in school and I never learned to read music. I was in the percussion section so I could fake my way through. I memorized all my pieces that had to be played on the glockenspiel (the instrument that required reading music) and I'm sad that I never learned to read music...but I can bang the heck out of a triangle!

2.I broke a bed surfing once. My sister Amy and I had a fetish for watching the Sandra Dee film "Gidget" while we were growing up. In one of the scenes in the movie Gidget learns to surf by placing her surfboard on the bed and having her friend "create waves" by jumping on the bed. When Mom left the house one day, sister Amy and I got out the ironing board and placed it on Amy's bed. We had a great time surfing until I jumped on the bed to make waves, the bed broke and Amy went flying through the air and didn't quite hang ten the way we thought she would.
Our friend Kristy came over to visit us about 20 minutes later after we had fixed the bed. She sat down on it and the bed collapsed. We pulled her leg for about five minutes asking her "What did you do to our bed?" Mom didn't care that we broke the bed. Our punishment was that we had to take turns sleeping on it.

3. I have been at the right place at the right time and met some memorable people as a result of it.When I lived in Southern Ontario, I used to hang out with Avril Lavigne and her family. And while I have lost touch with them, I had a lot of fun with them at the summer camp fishing, swimming in our clothes and having pajama parties. Av was leaving for New York when I was leaving for Alberta. We stayed in touch for a while and the last email I got from her was the day she videotaped her video for "Complicated." And people ask me all the time if she is really the way she portrays herself to the media and the answer is yes. She's the real deal.
From working at the Miracle Channel I have had the opportunity to form friendships with some very amazing people. In particular, the man who ruined my life, Pastor Bill Wilson. Bill has been a mentor of mine for the past five years and his friendship means a great deal to me. I get to see him once a year and His love for Jesus Christ and how he lives his faith has had a very profound effect on me. He comes to town every December and I get to be his shadow for a day. Very cool stuff.
I once did a stand up interview with the Prime Minister of Canada (at the time)Paul Martin. I got to ask him if the money that he was giving to the ranchers over the beef crisis was money to buy their votes. I didn't agree with him politically but it's still a very amazing thing to meet the leader of your country.

4. One of my nicknames is Harsh Allie. I have the nickname Harsh Allie because growing up I was known to be very truthful but had very little tact. Now, I hope I have a little more tact although my friend Helena reminds me often that I could use a little more.

5. I love jazz music. Miles Davis anyone? I love Cuban jazz music and the sad thing is I've never been to a club to see anyone play.

6. I had a goodbye virginity party. Before I got married I had a party with my friends in Alberta to celebrate my upcoming nuptials. I also had a friend who was having a breast reduction done. So we combined our fates and threw a Goodbye Boobs and Virginity Party. We had that written on the cake too!

7. The first time I learned to waterski I mooned a boat full of guys. It's true! It was a great Arkansas day and I was having my first chance of at skiing on water. Up I went and so did one half of my bathing suit as we passed a boat full of college guys. To quote the film Ever After, "I should leave walking on water to the Son of God!"


Amy said...

Oh Holly....where's the fun in things??? And believe me, once you get on won't look back!!! I don't spend a great deal of time on it, but sure do love it....actually got to visit with a friend the other day that I hadn't seen in 10 years!! It was great!!!

Holly said...

OK. I am like Amy. I don't spend lots of time on facebook but it has been SUCH a blessing to connect me with OLD friends. I am now in contact with friends from HIghschool and also from my year with YWAM. So neat!

Tamatha said...

lol......I have to agree with these two wise women. Facebook is great! I am now in touch with a friend that I have missed a lot...and she found me on facebook. I now plan on visiting her as soon as I can afford a trip to Kelowna!:o)
Also...I miss your funny stories! (especially the ones that start with "JeffnAmynI" said like one word!)hehe