Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jeep green

Allie sat at the computer punching the keys of her computer keyboard. She knew instinctively that she was being watched. It was a presence behind her. She tried to remain calm and nonchalant as she pretended to continue working on her blog.
Without hesitation she turned quickly and looked over her left shoulder.
She caught him.
There sat Jeep, her handsome husband, gazing at her.
“I thought you were supposed to be getting ready to go to sleep? Don’t you have to get up at 4 am?”
He nods, but remains unhurried and continues to stare.
He shrugs, barely. A small smile pulling at the left side of his mouth.
She looks away quickly and then back at him.
His mouth has now turned into a full smile.
“I just love you. Just love watching you be you.”
She holds her breath the same way she did on the day he first held her hand. She thinks quietly to herself, “Does life get any better than this? Do I even realize how crazy blessed I am to have this man be with me every day of my life?”
A smile pulls at her lips. Could anyone know how she felt? Sure, God put two people together but more often than not, she found herself thinking that she had gotten the better part of the deal.
It’s worth it, she thought to herself. It’s worth it to love him recklessly and to trust him with my heart. It’s hard, it’s tough and some days I want to be mean and hurtful, but it’s worth it to choose love before pride, hope before hurt and grace before blame.
“Why are you smiling?” he asks.
He nods.
She turns back to the computer screen and smiles as she becomes aware that she is once again being watched.


Anonymous said...

Aahhhhhhhh what a great post!!!
Its good to reflect on our love!

Amy said...

Nice Holly!!
I, too, love my husband with all of my being. Sometimes it is so hard to explain.
I am SOOOO thankful for him...
Great post!

Holly said...

Yeah!!! Marriage is (can be!) AWESOME!

Tamatha said...

What a kewl post Holly!:o) You go girl!:o)

Amanda said...

i love this post...love it love it.

Tamar said...

Thank You for Loving My Brother So Well!
I Know He Adore's You!
Love seeing My Little Niece's want to see You All so much!
Sending Lots Of Hugs and Kisses Sister!
Love Yas!