Friday, April 6, 2007

fine dining

I love dinner!
Dinner, especially with my two little girls, is always full of laughs. Tonight I thought we would do something a little different.

My daughter is on a big tiger kick. She loves tigers, crawls around pretending to be one (dear Lord, please don't let her become a cat person-ecchh!) So, tonight we had a picnic on our floor and ate dinner like tigers.

It wasn't a truly authentic tiger meal as we had salmon with mustard and chive sauce, dinner bread and a spring salad, but it was suffice. In order to eat like tigers you can not use utensils, this proved to be most hilarious when we got to the salad part. Visual aid: lettuce hanging from everyone's mouth! Haha!Drinking water from bowls was also very interesting.It made me very glad that we were having a picnic on our kitchen floor. It was another fine dining experience in the Williams household and I'm always grateful to have a meal that is a memory maker, and this defintiely was a gr-r-r-reat one for that.

The song that is stuck in my head today is : I Wanna Have Your Babies by Natasha Bedingfield. Great tune. Check it out.

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Tamatha said... is possible for your daughter to like cats...Tom likes one now. He loves our Straggles and cuddles with him on the couch!lol When I told him I was gonna tell you he mumbled something about being in direct voilation of I think he said "H.A.C.K."?? or something like that?