Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Of all the things you can mess up in life, peach crisp should not be one of them

Oh, but it was!

This is the story of the crisp that started out as cookie dough but didn't have enough stickiness to be anything but crisp.
But what fruit to put on my crisp? We are all out of apples. A quick dig through my freezer reveals a bag of peaches. I look quickly--I assume it is 1 cup of peaches.
After wrestling with unthawing it for oh, I don't know, say, 2%#$#@ minutes I realize it is only 1 peach and not 1 cup of peaches.

There's a difference, folks. There's a difference.

And it all culminated in the not-so-thrilling climax of a peach crisp gone horribly wrong...because you can burn a peach crisp, my friends.

Oh, yes you can!

Which leads me to the bigger questions of life--if I am having trouble mastering a crisp, who let me get a license, allows me to vote or even dress myself. (The last one doesn't count because it's a lot like the crisp)?

I dedicate this post to a most wonderful and gracious reader. My girl, Brambleberry Grace. We don't know each other outside of blogland...but we've already decided that we need to be neighbors and have tea.


And I'm going to go a step further and say that if we were neighbors, I think we'd be the kind where we would open the door and drop our kids off and then leave for some personal quiet time while the other did fun, crafty things that fun mothers do with children. Then we'd bring each other back some ridiculously expensive Starbuck product and talk about deep things like the truth of the Gospel, Jesus' love and why Tay*lor Swift is ridiculous when she says that she won't let her past love relationship mishaps influence her future.
Brambleberry will say, "She's naive and nineteen. They only put that stuff in print to make it sound like it's doable."
Then I will say, "How did you get to be so wise?"
And she'll say, "It's from drinking overly-priced caffeinated products with good friends like you. Well, that and I'm smart. Blondie-cake?"

Check out her post today on life. She writes what's in my head and beats me to the computer before I can blog about it.
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Drop her a line and eat of the goodness. If you like me, YOU.WILL.LOVE.HER.


Amy said...

I have visited her blog quite a few times. She's very funny.
Hope you are feeling better??

the lady of the house said...

Oh man! You're hilarious! Love the blog and Man! how cute the design! I'll be back to check in!!

Tamatha said...

ok....despite the fact that I need to get caught up on all of the other blogs that I read..and comment on....I took the time to look at every post you linked...and I am glad that I did!:o)