Friday, August 17, 2007

Bet on it, people!

Yeah!!!! I just watched the Disney Premiere of High School Musical 2. LOVED IT!!!!!
At first, I watched it and thought, eh...this is sketchy, they are taking it out of the high school. And, yeah, the plot is one I've seen a million times but, come on, who doesn't love song and dance, girl finally kisses guy and everyone dances and is happy.
Loved the basketball dance routine on What time is it?
Thought the water reflection was cheesy on Zac Efron's solo "Bet on it!" But I loved the song. It kinda reminded me of Footloose (which ironically enough Zac Efron is slated to star in)
Totally loved the baseball routine of "I can't dance". So fun.
Just wished Ryan and Sharpay couldn've sung more than one song together.
How caught up was I in the film? Well, I gasped out loud and said, "Nooooooo" when Troy and Gabriella broke up, almost screamed once they finally kissed and danced with my daughter to "What time is it?" (because, of course, I was on youtube and I watched the video to that particular song and learned some of the dance moves).
Most times I want nothing to do with pop culture, but in this instance,when it includes dancing and singing and the summer, I'm in.
"Bet on it!"

BTW, I taped it on my VCR. I know, how classic! I pulled out the old thing and actually plugged in the jacks and had the whole thing set HSM2 party at my house tomorrow...or we can watch Sunday's singalong version and sing the songs together. I love dancing movies...oh, if life only followed me around with a soundtrack and dance moves that everyone knew!

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