Monday, June 8, 2009

Stuck in the middle

I'm learning to mind my own business.
It's not easy though. I like to fix things. Fix people.
So, instead I sit and listen. I put the brakes on when it crosses the line from a woman verbally thinking out loud to dumping manure on my spirit for the depth of hurt emotion they have.
I've gotten good at saying, "Hmmm..." and "Have you told them that?"
I wonder if this is preparation for when my children are in their teen years?
Here's what I've learned from keeping my nose out of it: I pray a whole lot more.
Sounds like something I should have been doing all along.


Anonymous said...

I can say most definitely that it is preparation for when your kids are in their teen years.

Shaun and Holly said...

Neat to hear you are on a journey with relationships. Reciently, I read a book that said, "It isn't your job to "FIX" people! -That is only the work of God. Wow! I am trying to apply that to my life and I have to say it is freeing! The book was called: "How to stop the pain." (Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.)Basically, it's a book about judgment. I read it like 3 times!! I totally recommend it.