Monday, June 8, 2009

Honeyed words

My son said, "Mama"
The beginning of many, many wonderful statements.
"Mommy! Come here."
"Mo-om, I'm hungry!"
"Mooooooooom" (followed by me chewing on my heart as I run to see if there's blood)
"Mom." Said with rolling eyes and effort as he will pick up his coat off the floor.
"Mmmoomm" The call that requests my presence when feeling sad.
"Mommmmm," said with pleading eyes for the skateboard that I don't want him to go on unless he wears a full body pillow suit that will protect him from hurting himself.
He says it over and over right now. Each time as though it were a fresh discovery.
His eyes lit up and mine do, too.
It's my favourite word. And apparently, right now, it's his too.


Jen said...

A baby's's always as exciting as if the word had never been uttered before. I love watching these wee ones, explore and discover everything for the first helps us not to take the simple every day for granted.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

You nailed the "mom" thing...thanks for sharing.