Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Growing Fairy Tales

As I was working in the garden, my eldest daughter announced, "I'm planting my bubble gum into the ground. I'm going to water it and watch it grow."
My three year old decided to follow suit. After handfuls of dirt were ceremoniously dumped on top of the bright blue well-chewed "seed" and a quick dash of water was sprinkled on top we awaited the growth of the bubble gum tree.
My three year old gleefully told us how it would all unfold. "First, the bubble gum will grow into a tree. Then we will pick the bubble gum, wash it off, dry it and then," with eyes growing big, "we will EAT the bubble gum."
We all trudged in for lunch and over soup and tuna sandwiches told Daddy about what we were busy planting. He just smiled and wished us well.
My oldest leaned over and whispered to us, "I know that planting bubble gum won't make a bubble gum tree. I just wanted to take Brie to the land of fairy tales."


Shaun and Holly said...

So sweet! : )

Jen said...

What a great big sister....I think I'd be sneaking out with a tree complete with bubble gum attached just to surprise them both!

Joyful said...

What a sweet story. If I lived nearby, I'd be tempted to sneak over with Jen to attach bubble gum to a tree =]