Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 more questions from Brambleberry Grace

1. What's your favorite day of the week? Everyday really, except Wednesday. I have never liked Wednesday. No particular reason. I just say, "hmmm...Wednesday. Well, tomorrow's Thursday! Yay!"
2. What's your favorite beverage? Vanilla-bean steamed milk or chamomile lemon tea or water
3. Biggest accomplishment? I don't think I have one...and I feel very good about that.
4. Person you'd most like to meet? When you say "meet", I think of sitting down and having a carte blanche conversation where I could ask anyone anything. My great-grandfather. He was the first person in our family who became a Christian. He was a sailor and a near-death experience made him believe on Christ to be saved. He then moved to Canada and became an evangelist and walked and prayed up and down the roads preaching the Gospel. He knew what it meant to take up his cross and follow Jesus. He was radical and passionate about Jesus in his own quiet Finnish way. I'd like to sit down and talk Jesus with him. I'd want to shut up and listen to everything he'd have to say.
5. Steak or shrimp? Steak.
6. Cat or Dog? Dog. In high school I belonged to HACK. A friendly group made up of my siblings and Tom K.
(Tammy's hubby)--Humans Against Cat and Kittens. We would give each other pop quizzes--Q. You see a cat in the road, what do you do? A. Step on the gas. Q. you are at a friend's house and their cat tries to give you attitude, what do you say? A. I'm not above kicking you. Haha. I jest. Maybe.
7. Favorite book in the Bible? James-the just do it book.
8. Favorite verse? Philippians 1:21 To live is Christ; to die is gain.
9. Capri's or skirts? both--together or alone!
10. Have you lived a "perfect" day? Yes. One day in Arkansas--the fleeting days of youth slipping by and the new life of adulthood just on the cusp of happening-- I spent the whole day on the water. I hadn't spent any time with my family (siblings and Mom)in two months as I was away all summer. We spent the whole day tubing on the water, waterskiing, jet-skiing. I faced so many fears that day it was awesome, and being with my mom, brother and sister after two months without them made it the best day. I remember sitting with my feet dangling in the water as the sun set, thanking Jesus for all the good, simple things that made life great. I knew one thing was missing from making it perfect and when I got back to the house we were at I picked up the phone and called Jeep. He answered and said,"hey baby." and I said, "Now this day is completely perfect."
I have other days, but that one stands out as my first perfect day.

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