Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally, Yahoo news can get on with life!

I am so grateful that the US Democratic Party has finally chosen their leader.
Because finally, maybe the news can get on with pointing out some actual news.
 I can't even say how bored I have become by the whole thing. For months we've seen blazing photos of both Hillary and Barak. This thing has dragged out longer then Victor Newman's return from the dead on the Young and the Restless .
What I would really love to see is the US just try and do campaigning Canuck style. Canadians have 58 days--that's it!--58 days of campaigning. For less than two months we hear talk and promises, we hear flaws pointed out and we get to hear a good little rant by CBC funny man journalist Rick Mercer. But that's it.
We vote. We got on with business.
How grateful I am that this is over? Very, very grateful.
But now...the long and never ending story part deux happens as the campaigning for President starts. Oh, that I had a US political news filter on my computer.


Brambleberry said...

No kidding! And the television commercials?! Ugh!

I am certain that it is more than annoying when it isn't of direct relevance.

On behalf of my nation, I apologize. :)

Tamatha said...

lol...I wonder if they could come out with one of those?lol And how much would they charge us for one?