Saturday, June 14, 2008

culprits got caught!

yay! the dudes who stole my wallet got caught. Hooray.
I pray that this changes their lives in the best way possible.
For those who don't know, my wallet was stolen from our van (smashed the window to do it). I still can't believe I was too busy to grab my purse that day. A whole day of filing police reports, finding out my card was maxed and cancelling it, notifying a bunch of places would have been avoided if I had just grabbed it. errrr.
Anyway, the blessing was that, even though they took my wallet and maxed out my credit card, they returned my wallet and left it sitting on the drivers seat. No id taken, none of my kids id taken, our health cards still intact and oddly enough, only my Airmiles card taken.
I'm thankful for our local police who did a great job and caught these guys in less than a month. It was a robbery for a drug debt that these two guys owed.
I hope that God uses this to turn their lives around.
Thank you Jesus for good policeman, for strangers who return things they stole and for insurance policies that cover damage to vehicles.


Brambleberry said...

Wow. Just wow. Glad the "important" stuff remained. Hopefully all the rest will be straightened out. Praying that God uses this for His glory, too.

Tamatha said... is never dull...even in a small town.:o)