Saturday, September 13, 2008

No baby yet!

I'm due tomorrow and no baby has arrived yet...even though family members from out of town keep calling me. Yes, Amy...that means you!
And this week had it's own moments of panic and the sudden realization that everything is about to change...again! Good change, but change nonetheless. It made me realize that I hadn't washed the sheets on my bed, my sock drawer needed organizing and it was finally high time I vacuumed out the lint trip...after all, who knows when I will have the chance to do that after the baby is born. (Let's not talk about the fact that I hardly ever do those things)
I'm in hyper-organization mode. My husband brought a file box into the office/baby's room. This week I finally put the crib up,did the sheets, washed the baby clothes and organized my office. And then he brought in a file box and I had a meltdown. Was he not aware that I had spent the last three days putting the room together and finally had it fully cleaned and he just upset the entire equilibrium of the universe by bringing in a file box? He didn't get a chance to respond to my rant because I moved to the kitchen where I started talking about the evils of clutter and how dare he bring in a box of things that belong to the girls room and just set it on the table. He didn't have a chance to respond because I then noticed...the poor man, he was probably more grateful then ever to go to his work's golf tournament and leave his ranting, emotional wife following him out the door saying, "Why didn't you put this tool in the doesn't belong in the living room...but in the garage, where all tools belong."
So, clearly, I'm emotional and wound up--I'll spare everyone my grocery store story and my tone used with my little girls and the nice lady at the check out counter.
Today was just a grumpy, I'm big and about to give birth and if one more relative calls me and says, "Any baby yet?" I'm going to eat the remaining two sleeves of the Oreo bag kind of day.
Which is funny because I've actually been relatively upbeat and calm throughout all of it.
And the only place i can vent is my writing--so everyone gets to hear my grumpy side!
Love to you all. There will be a baby soon. I promise.


Brambleberry said...

You are thinking my thoughts.

I feel your pain.

If I ever have any more children, I'm going to tell everyone the due date is 5 weeks later than the actual.

Good luck!!

Jenny McQueen said...

I want to hear the grocery store story!

Tamatha said...

How is it that your pain makes me smile???lol Some friend I am.ha It's the way you have with words and reality...its got to be that.:o)