Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sneaky thief!

Miss Lolo B was kind enough to drive out to our place and spend the day with us. It was full of our children's laughter as we had a picnic beside the river, went swimming in the pool and headed out to show them the local historical sites.
Lois had mentioned going to the museum and said, "I'll take my girls. You've been there four times already, I'm sure you are tired of paying the entrance fee."
"Lois, there's no entrance fee. We'll go together."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. I've been 4 times already. There's no entrance fee."
As we plodded along down the sidewalk heading towards the Musical Horse Ride, we laughed as our girls pretended to be horses while the two younger ones whined from the heat. As we approached the door to enter, Lois pointed at a sign: ADMISSION FEES.
My eyes nearly bugged out of my head..."Admission fees!" I croaked.
Lois just started laughing. "I'll pay," she said, knowing that I left my wallet behind because we obviously wouldn't need any money to get in.
So...apparently, my family has been stealing from our community by somehow getting into the museum and not paying.
After we got into the museum, I wondered several times, "How did we get into the museum? How did we think it was free? We've been here 4 times!"
Lois just kept laughing and saying, "I knew there would be a fee."
After stopping at the stables, enjoying the horse show, going through a few historic buildings, I once again found myself saying, "I just can't believe this. I feel terrible."
And then Lois cheered me up the way all great women and mother cheer up friends and children. She smiled and said, "Let's go for ice cream!"