Monday, March 26, 2007

Eating crow to the tune of Michael W. Smith

My heart is consumed with love for my King Jesus!
I must confess, I am a new Michael W. Smith fan. Before, I used to only like the song "Love Me Good"(I miss you Amber Houck wherever you are!)

Recently I saw his film "The Second Chance" and I was amazed by the storyline. I love how authentically it portrayed the cushy, North American church. It was very inspiring and made me cry for two days whenever I thought about it. In turn, it has now made me a fan of his and, of course, his music. I just bought the CD "Stand" and I have spent so much time loving Jesus while I listen to the words and melodies of his album.

So, I now eat crow...I do like his music.
There I said it out loud.

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