Sunday, February 10, 2008

All is fair in love and war!

Well, with Valentine's approaching and my online status being downgraded due to a virus on the computer, I'm writing my valentine's thoughts today.
I thought I would post two poems. Both written about my marriage. One is a poem of love and one is a poem of war. what can I say? The man makes me feel deeply...

The Love one

And sooner still
I will be beside you
Our hands locked
Our words talked
In a moment
Only soon
My breath you'll take away
Old love songs worn fray
Eyes gazed
Again amazed
If only soon were today

the War one

Raw to the touch
But I'm too exposed now
To turn away would be hiding
To defend would be lying
it's true
It's all true
I was wrong
You were right
And I don't want to fight
that i need you
to be right
i need me to be wrong
It's the same old song
played round like a record
It's just pride that is raw
Just pride that's exposed
Such a poisonous taste
to swallow and know
i was wrong

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. Here's wishing you: the good kind of chocolate, a Nicholas Sparks novel and a smooch from the one you love!